Code snippets

Snippets that will make programming easier and fun.


Take a look at these snippets for this Markdown Language. Usefull for people without programming experience.

CSS (css3)

Do you want to give your website a nice look? Check out these snippets to style your website applications.

php (7+)

These server sided snippets for PHP might be usefull when you are stuck or have no idea for what's going on.


Snippets for one of the most used programming language for website development.


Code snippets from the official WordPress API. Their API is huge, just like the choice of our snippets.


Take a look at some snippets from the most secure OS, Linux. Including Python, Shell Scripts and more.


A large selection of snippets for databases such as SQL databases and NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

java (8+)

Take a look at the snippets from the most popular programming language out there. Starting from Java 8.